How to get FASTMATHS  material ?

Register Online Here. Login and Download our software which explains FASTMATHS techniques. Practice first chapter and when you decide to buy the "software code" contact us, we will inform you how to send payments to Fastmaths.com.  

How important is Speed?

How fast your can solve a problem is very important. There is a race against time in all the competitions. Only those people having fast calculation ability will be able to win the race. Time saved can be used to solve more problems or used for difficult problems.

In what way FastMaths Methods are different from Conventional Methods?

FastMaths provides answer in one line where as conventional method requires several steps.

What is Vedic Mathematics and what is the connection with FastMaths?

FastMaths use simple techinques from Vedic Mathematics. It is an ancient technique, which simplifies multiplication, divisibility, complex numbers, squaring, cubing, square and cube roots. Even recurring decimals and auxiliary fractions can be handled by Vedic mathematics

What is the Basis of  Vedic Mathematics?

The basis of Vedic mathematics, are the 16 sutras, which attribute a set of qualities to a number or a group of numbers. The ancient Hindu scientists (Rishis) of Bharat in 16 Sutras (Phrases) and 120 words laid down simple steps for solving all mathematical problems in easy to follow 2 or 3 steps.

Vedic Mental or one or two line methods can be used effectively for solving divisions, reciprocals, factorization, HCF, squares and square roots, cubes and cube roots, algebraic equations, multiple simultaneous equations, quadratic equations, cubic equations, bi-quadratic equations, higher degree equations, differential calculus, Partial fractions, Integrations, Pythogorus theorem, Apollonius Theorem, Analytical Conics and so on.

Is it Useful Today?

Given the initial training in modern maths in today's schools, students will be able to comprehend the logic of Vedic mathematics after they have reached the 8th standard. It will be of interest to every one but more so to younger students keen to make their mark in competitive entrance exams.

India's past could well help them make it in today's world.

It is amazing how with the help of 16 Sutras and 16 sub-sutras, the Vedic seers were able to mentally calculate complex mathematical problems.
How much is the software Registration FEE ?

In India :  Software Registration FEE is only Indian Rs 500/-. Payments must be paid in FULL before we send you the Registration code.  Need to have product ID ready in order to pay for the Software code.

Outside India : US $ 10/- or  Equivalent

We have reduced our FEE recently.

FastMaths offer very attractive discounted FEE every now and then. Please visit FastMaths.com for the latest FEE structure.

Where do I get SOFTWARE CODE ?

Click on the link Software Code in Members area Remember this is a one computer license and if you would like to install this material on another computer, you need to buy another license. Please do not contact us saying that product ID was wrong. Make sure your product ID is correct before requesting software code.  

Software CODE will be sent to your registered E-mail address only. 

STEP 1  : Register Online

STEP 2 : Download Software

STEP 3 : Install Software [ You should be able to practice  first few chapters ]

STEP 4 : Use Software Code link in members area to get your software code. PRODUCT ID is a number similar to FM-WWW-XXXXXXXXXXXXX ]

STEP 5 : Contact admin@fastmaths.com for a REFUND [ only for paid accounts] if you find any type Errors or mistakes

Can I work off-line?

Study material will be available to you offline. And you can work on it offline. You do not have to be connected to internet in order to learn Fastmaths techniques.. 

Do I need to upgrade to watch FASTMATHS Videos?

No. Just create an account. You need to have very good internet connection to watch the videos online.

Do you offer FASTMATHS Material ONLINE?

No. We have removed online material from our server. You have to download our software to learn FASTMATHS techniques.

Are Adobe Acrobat and winzip must for your course?

Winzip is required to unzip the pack which you will download from our web site. You can visit the links below and download the latest version of WINZIP http://www.winzip.com 

Acrobat is not required since we are no longer delivering teaching material in PDF Format

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